The important archive funds of the Manufacture allows us to showcase a permanent collection of one hundred drawings from the Renaissance to Modern Art, faithfully reproduced in the spirit and color of their time.

This fabrics, continued in collection, are gathered in 5 catalogs :


Hand woven brochés - Hand woven velvets - Narrow width lampas

The fabrics which appear in the catalogue of Authentics Silks are faithful reproductions of ancient cloths. They have been woven using traditional methods and materials are therefore meticulously reproduced for the exacting customer.


Mechanical woven fabrics

These designs for the most part of natural silk, are reweavings of old documents drawn from Prelle's archives. They are all produced in our workshops in Lyon, on our own looms from the original cards. This continuity of the artisanal tradition of Lyons guarantees the best authenticity.

Plain velvets

Mechanical woven fabrics

Our three ranges of velvet are woven with very high quality thin threads and in a very selected number of colors.


Mechanical woven fabrics

The fabrics presented in the figured tabbies catalogue are reproductions woven in various French provinces as far back as the 17th century.

Warp prints

Mechanical woven fabrics, printing on screens

During the 18th century warp prints became fashionable for clothing and furniture. The design of a warp print is distinguishable by its bluriness and voluntary irregularity. These taffetas are usually printed in soft tones.