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July 2015, Prelle invites you to enter our private world of weaving to see an exceptional brocade destined to cover a chair that once belonged to Marie Antoinette:

Heritage restorations or private, since 1752, PRELLE manufacture, a family business for 5 generations, devotes his know-how to architects and decorators.

The strong point of the Prelle manufacture is to have managed to live together several generations of weaving loom, from the hand looms, which are the only ones on which certain flock velvets and silk or gold and silver brocades can be woven, right up to the most modern computerised looms without sacrificing the quality or the beauty of the fabrics.

A standard bearer of the French luxury trade PRELLE et Cie are proud to offer their services bases on the experience of over 200 years, to a clientele to whom the pursuit of excellence and the maintenance of the highest standards, remain a concern of primary importance.

Joséphine, la passion des étoffes

October 24th to February 20th, 2015, Paris Showroom

This exhibition is part of a series of tributes to Josephine marking the bicentenary of her death.

Josephine being one of the most prominent "merveilleuses" of the Directoire Period, and to please Napoleon’s requirements for the promotion of the textile industry, happily complies by increasing in both quantity and sophistication to her clothes and accessories. She becomes an avid collector of the finest fabrics and rarest jewels.

Josephine's taste for the Greco-Roman embroidered gossamer dress will be very different from the textile choices of Napoleon’s decorators: Percier and Fontaine who choose more luxurious silk fabrics to adorn the Imperial Palace.

These fabrics and borders will be characterized by the vivid and daring use of color and absolutely new iconography: stylized flowers,and specifically design motifs to glory and power of the Greco-Roman (greek key, palm, palmette, arabesque ...).

We present this exceptional collection of borders to accompany dresses, accessories and furniture that have been lent by our generous partners: Fondation NAPOLEON, Galerie STEINITZ, Pierre­-Jean CHALENÇON, Monsieur et Madame EXERTIER, Monsieur Gilles LABROSSE, collectionneurs, Atelier HUGUES LOSFELD peinture en décor, Atelier AUTREMENT tapissier, Stephan FRÜH pour le mannequinage et MATHIEU LUSTRERIE.

Download the french press kit.

Prelle is pleased to introduce Passementerie Verrier

June 2013

Passementerie Verrier (creating, fabricating and reconstituting trimmings), represented by Yves Dorget is the last craft passementerie atelier in Paris with wooden 19th century machines, where they work by hand. There, the amazing refinement of tiebacks, tassels, fringes and braids that are created contribute to the creations of the interior decorators. In collaboration with Prelle, Wallace Collection, Chateau de Fontainebleau, ....