The Empire-Restoration period is dominated by classicism taking its source of inspiration from the rediscovery of Antiquity.

It is a pleasure today to draw from these treasured documents that are the Prelle Archives, and to revive the beautiful patterns of this period.

  • Patterns with "II" prefix have not been woven since their original creation. All costs of reproduction including pattern drafting, color settings, etc ... will be charged accordingly.
  • All other patterns have been reproduced at least once since their creation. We have all the elements at our disposal to weave it in the color of your choice. Please consult us as we may have some yardage in stock. Some are even part of our current collection and are available in stock in one or several colors. However, they can also be woven in the color or the quality of your choice.

All rights reserved. Production of all or part of the patterns of this catalog by any mean is forbidden without any prior written agreement of Prelle et Cie.