Furry, taffetas façonné

Multiplication of pattern, rearrangement of space; manipulating the repetition until it resembles the so-called "river" patterns of the 18th century. The alliance of tradition with modernity finds its full meaning thanks to a creative autonomy. The test becomes convincing; Furry is now an design in its own right.

After a lithograph from a collection of drawings by A.BRAUN dated 1842 for the textile industry.

Under the reference 69667, Furry is proposed :

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • cotton 62% silk 38%
  • repeat of 27 cm - 10.63 inches
  • 4 colors

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Giustinia, satin façonné

Initially woven with gold bullion and silk yarns, this pattern is a favorite. The original repeat has been retained, the balance of the design respected: bringing new color interpretation to this charming document. Contrasts; interlacing curves offer the possibility of lightness, armed with a strength and delicacy of design.

Reproduced from our archive II33142 dated 1750 : a Louis XV style worked in the colorations that nods to Napoleon III.

Under the reference 69670, Giustinia is proposed :

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • silk 55% cotton 45%
  • repeat of 54 cm - 21.26 inches
  • 3 colors

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Kerylos, fleuret

Originally produced in canvas, this fresco, with its large, generous motifs remind us of ancient bas-reliefs. Worked here in silk chenille; Kérylos also evokes the ochers of Provence. The whiteness of the chenille winks to the color of the crushed gypsum used to plaster interiors from the Middle Ages until the French Revolution. Its hand, smooth and textured – comfortable visually as well as tactilely.

Taken from our archive II34277 dated 1930/1940: Art Deco style.

Under the reference 69413, Kerylos is proposed :

  • in 127 cm - 50 inches wide
  • spun viscose 54%, silk 25%, cotton 20%
  • repeat 63cm - 24.80 inches
  • 5 colors
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Moucharabieh, taffetas

Probably originally derived from the great family of 'Aqiq; architectural in principle and reminiscent of the ceilings in sacred places of North Africa from the 9th century as well as Yemen, Iran and India.

Created from a drawing by our client Carl Paris, from his sketch named Marrakech: Ethnic Design.

Under the reference 68581, Moucharabieh is proposed :

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • cotton 59% linnen 41%
  • repeat 16 cm - 6.30 inches
  • 3 colors

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Les Echos, satin façonné

Timeless though dating from the Deco period; with fine and elegant lines, evocative in contemporary as well as classical interiors. Its verticality used in curtains or wall upholstery lengthens and refines the volume, enlarging a space by playing on the effect of the ceiling’s height. In seating, the lines can accentuate an Art Deco décor. The pattern receives color from another time and era.

Reproduced from our pattern EL11415; drawing dated 1930.

Under the reference 69005, Les Echos is proposed :

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • cotton 82%, silk 18%
  • repeat 31 cm - 12.20 inches
  • 2 colors

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Reflets, damas

Woven in damas and taken from the original design LES REFLETS; reminiscent of tree bark, mineral erosion, a shadow on arid soil, or reflections on the water. The colorations invite the user to interpret the pattern according to whim and free to associate it with many moods.

After our pattern 9504.

Under the reference 89668, Reflets is proposed :

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • cotton 65%, silk 35%
  • repeat 43 cm - 16.93 inches
  • 6 colors

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Composition N° 1

Inspired by abstract cubicist works

From to our document JT6234, dated 1930.

Under the reference 69669, Composition N° 1 is proposed :

  • in 125 cm - 49.21 inches wide
  • cotton 82%, silk 12%
  • repeat 55 cm - 21.65 inches
  • 2 colors

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