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Lampas Pondichéry

A reproduction of one of our eighteenth century archives, this reproduction in large width is sold by the repeat. It alludes to the French presence in the Indian territory of "Puducherry" in the seventeenth century.

The originality of the iconography in this drawing sets the tone of the design, combining French classicism and Orientalist splendor.

Under the reference 99651, Lampas Pondichéry is proposed:

  • in 146 cm - 57.48 inches wide
  • pure silk
  • sold by the repeat of 179 cm - 70.47 inches
  • 4 colors

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Damas Danguin

Danguin produced this delicate floral design in 1838 very early in his career with the workshop; titled "Dessin à mauves".

In addition to the high quality of the weave, the originality of his creation also resides in the construction. To achieve the scale of the design a “jump repeat” is used.

Under the reference 89650, Damas Danguin is proposed:

  • in 135 cm - 53.15 inches wide
  • pure silk
  • 6 colors

Satin liseré Vénitien

Inspired by our Venetian document JT 3654 dated 1900; this design belongs to the family of "Bizarre" from the period of Louis the XIV. Its sumptuous, deep colors evoke the magnificence of Italian design in the seventeenth century.

Under the reference 69652, Satin liseré Vénitien is proposed:

  • in 128 cm -50.39 inches wide
  • pure silk
  • 4 colors
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Jardins du Luxembourg

Reproduced from our archival document LG4971 dated 1868; this design is characterized by the use of its motives (wreaths, garlands, ribbons) referencing the style of Louis XVI.

This beautifully drawn, refinement of spring, is enhanced by the effects of shadows in the background of the damassé.

Under the reference 64971, Jardins du Luxembourg is proposed:

  • in 128 cm - 50.39 inches wide
  • pure silk
  • 3 colors

Satin liseré Juliette

Reproduced from an archive of the early nineteenth century; this pattern is named Juliette for Juliette Récamier of Lyon, a muse to many artists of the period.

Her Parisian salon flourished from Directoire through the Monarchie de Juillet periods, where she entertained the most notable political, literary and artistic community of the time.

Its very large decorative pattern is suited for the seating, draperies, wall panels, and screens, ..

Under the reference 69646, Satin liseré Juliette is proposed:

  • in 133 cm - 52.36 inches wide
  • pure silk
  • sold by the repeat of 56cm - 22.05 inches
  • 4 colors