Privacy Policy and Cookies

Here at Prelle, we are cautious about our own privacy online. This is why we think we should respect your privacy when you visit our website.

To make things as simple as possible, simple for you to understand our privacy policy and simple for us to implement, we have decided to collect not information, to not track your activity here, even anonymously, and to minimize the number of cookies to the strictest essential.

Zero tracker
Two cookies

As we collect no information about your activity on this website, be it by ourselves or through a third-party, you will find however two cookies on our website: one for the Vimeo player, and the other for optimizing the website delivery.

Indeed, we are using Vimeo's own player to display our videos, and it stores a cookie demeed essential by Vimeo. We have tried our best to keep the number of cookies low, for example by sending with each request to Vimeo's servers a special "do not track" header, as per their documentation. This cookie expires after 12 months. Please note that both Firefox and Safari automatically block this cookie.

Moreover, we are using Cloudflare as content distribution network. They store a cookie which identifies anounymously visitors of the website, and allows Cloudflare to differentiate between legitimate users and malicious actors, in order to block the latter from accessing the website. We are trusting Cloudflare that they are not technically able to use that cookie for any other mean that which we have just described.

We hope that you understand and respect our choice.