This is a pure creation, it arises from a collaboration with Thierry Veron-Dentressangle: textile designer, it draws from our rich archives and is inspired by the many documents it contains: Japanese Katagami from XIX° century, high relief cut velvet, sketches from the thirties, ....

The mix of many motifs up to the baroque borrows from and assimilates many references as in the period of Napoléon III.

Reference 79632 Brocatelle Clé des Songes:

  • 128 cm / 50.39" wide
  • quality: linen 57%, cotton 32% & silk 11%
  • sold by repeat 151 cm / 59.45'' heigh
  • 4 colors


As a result of our collaboration with the designer Hoentschel, John Pierpont Morgan's friend, this damask created in August of 1912, is a reflection of the cultural exchanges between the United States and Europe.

Appreciated during the American Gilded Age, this design now joins our collection, with modern colorations.

Reference 87086 Damas Rochester:

  • 128 cm / 50.39" wide
  • quality: cotton 63% & silk 37%
  • sold by repeat 120 cm / 47.24" heigh
  • 7 colors
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Designed by Aimé Prelle in 1924, this tribal damask pattern embodies the influence of the ethnic design in France on the decorative art. With the desire to meet contemporary taste for ethnic designs and in a contemporary coloring, the African desert, Kalahari has become the obvious choice for the named.

Reference 87396, Damas Kalahari:

  • 128 cm / 50.39" wide
  • quality: cotton 60% & silk 40%
  • repeat 40 cm / 15.75"
  • 4 colors
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ALEKSEÏ velours ciselé

From a Second Empire document; quite deteriorated and discolored, our team was able to bring back the authenticity to this exception ciseled velvet.

A fabric originally intended for the Russian market, the name of Alekseï nods to its history.

Reference 29606 ciseled velvet Alekseï:

  • 65 cm / 25.59" wide
  • sold by repeat 135cm / 53.15" heigh
  • in a beautiful ruby black color
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GUICHARD impression sur chaîne - printed warp

Taken from our archives, originally woven as a brocaded Lampas, designed by Joseph Benoît Guichard; a professor of painting at the Beaux-Arts de Lyon, woven by the Manufacture in March 1853.

The process of printing a warp-hand-print with 18 different color screens, with warps tied only with a few loose weft: then the manual removal of these weft and re-weaven with a new fresh weft - magnifies this patterns complexity, with generous flowers and foliage and vibrant colors.

Reference 49449 Guichard Impression sur chaîne:

  • 128 cm / 50.39" wide
  • quality: silk 100%
  • sold by repeat 85 cm / 33.46"
  • in color crème nué