The other priceless heritage of the mill consists of all weaving samples, point paper plans, drawings, written archive documents, ... obtained in the course of their history since 1752.

This archive fund is organized to allow designs to be reinterpreted, adapted with new colors or new widths depending of needs of custom orders.

Rich of several tens of thousands of documents, it is composed of two main categories:

  • Samples of all weaving fabrications made ​​by the mill since its origin and for which we hold, since 1837, precious patterns books with all necessary technical information to a reweaving : technical and color formulas.
  • Documents textiles from all sources (France, Italy, Japan, China, Spain, Persia, etc..), from all periods (from the 14th century until today) and for all uses (liturgical ornament, garment, upholstery fabrics). The fund continues to be fed by the purchase of antique fabrics in auction sale.

Only part of these documents are today inventoried, sorted and photographed.

We have made a selection of patterns in order to create 5 period books : Renaissance, 18th century, Empire, 19th century, Years 1900-1950. These booklets, presented below, are reserved to our professional customers (Digital or CD)

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